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Indoor Position Platform



Using the Indoor position platform, the manager has the ability to track the location of workers or equipment within a building or environment that is not covered by GPS.

This is achieved through iBeacon devices worn by workers or equipment. When they enter the building, there are gateway devices placed in fixed points, which function as iBeacons reading stations but also Bluetooth in general. Thus, we collect the necessary data which, with similar calculations, allow us to track the user’s location.

This is of particular importance because we can define areas within the building , such as production line, warehouse etc. Based on these areas to have qualitative metrics that are particularly useful for activity-based costing (ABC). In addition, we can generate reports on exactly who and how many of the staff are in areas of interest at specific time intervals.

Throughout this solution, the service for emergency incidents (SOS events) is also provided by the staff. By using specific button-bearing iBeacons, we can intervene in time to provide assistance to the right person in the exact area where they are.


  • Real time Indoor positioning of workers or equipment.
  • Implementation of services to generate comprehensive reposrts on employee activities.
  • Establishment of SOS events to facilitate prompt assistance to employees at exact locations within the premises


  • Easy installation of infrastructure.
  • Zero interference with other systems due to Bluetooth Low Energy technology.
  • Accuracy in positions in an indoor environment

Value Proposition

  • Flexible and low cost solution for precise tracking of employee or asset locations.
  • Easy integration with other systems through a user-friendly interface.
  • Easily adaptable to tailor custom solutions as needed.

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