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Tracking of produced products through RFIDs and QR codes


Inform has developed a solution that uses RFID and QR technologies to track products throughout the production line. This solution is designed to address the following problems that exist in traditional production lines:

  • Low accuracy and efficiency of data capture: Traditional methods of data capture, such as manual data entry, are often time-consuming and error-prone.
  • Use of large amount of human resources: Traditional production lines require a large number of workers to record and monitor the data.
  • Difficulty in collecting and analyzing data: Collecting and analyzing data from traditional production lines is often a difficult and time-consuming process.

Inform’s solution uses RFID sensors to read data from RFID tags placed on products. This data is sent to a data analysis software, which processes it and provides it to users. This solution offers the following benefits:

  • Increased production accuracy and efficiency: The use of RFID tags and data analysis software ensures that data is accurate and up-to-date. This can lead to increased productivity and reduced costs.
  • Reduction of production costs: Automation of data recording and monitoring processes can lead to a reduction of labor costs.
  • Improve product quality: Real-time product tracking can help detect and address any issues early.
  • Increased production flexibility: Inform’s solution can be adapted to the needs of different production lines.

Overall, Inform’s solution for tracking manufactured products through RFIDs and QR codes can provide significant benefits to businesses, including increasing production accuracy and efficiency, reducing production costs, improving product quality, and of increasing production flexibility.


  • Record the flow of materials on the production line
  • Production planning
  • Quality control


  • Increase accuracy and efficiency: The RFID system allows businesses to collect and process data in real time. This means that businesses can see what is happening in their business at any time. This can help avoid mistakes and make better decisions.
  • Cost reduction: The RFID system can help businesses reduce their costs by replacing traditional data collection and processing methods. For example, a business can use the RFID system to automate the pallet identification process. This can lead to a reduction in labor costs.
  • Improve quality: The RFID system can help businesses improve the quality of their products by identifying and correcting any problems. For example, a business can use the RFID system to monitor the temperature of its products. This can help prevent product spoilage.

Value Proposition

Production line tracking in order to increase production accuracy and efficiency, reduce production costs, improve product quality, and increase production flexibility.

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