Augmented Reality Tutorials for KLEEMANN Lifts Assembling Workers



With the usage of two software, an Editor application and a Viewer application, workers who assembly KLEEMANN lifts can view Augmented Reality (AR) tutorials during this process. The goal is for the worker to enter an empty shaft, wearing the Microsoft’s AR headset HoloLens 2 and view through them an AR tutorial with animations on how to assembly a KLEEMANN lift model, in the language of their choice. The 3D model is displayed right on the position of the actual lift in progress and with a one to one scale. The AR application running in HoloLens 2 is called KLEEMANN Viewer and receives two files as input. The first one is a 3D model of a KLEEMANN lift with embedded animations, which simulate the steps of the tutorial. The second file is an XML file, which describes those steps. The XML file is created by the Editor application, called KLEEMANN Editor. It is Microsoft Windows Desktop application, with which the user can create the tutorial’s steps of a KLEEMANN lift model. The KLEEMANN Editor application receives as input the same 3D model of a KLEEMANN lift, with the embedded animations, which serves as an input for the KLEEMANN Viewer application as well. The user can create the tutorial’s steps in the languages of their choice and assign on each step an animation of the 3D model. The output of Editor application is the XML file that describes the tutorial.


  • Creation of KLEEMANN lifts assembling AR tutorials.
  • Creation of tutorials in any number of desired languages.
  • Viewing of AR tutorials through the Microsoft AR Headset HoloLens 2.
  • The 3D model is displayed in one to one scale of the actual assembling lift in progress and in the same position with it.


  • Easy creation of KLEEMANN lift assembling tutorials.
  • The worker can wear the HoloLens 2 and enter into the shaft without having to carry on them any other kind of devices or tutorials in paper on how to assembly the lift.
  • The worker can view the guidelines in the language of their choice.

Value Proposition

The proposed system for the AR training of workers who assemble KLEEMANN lifts can reduce their training time, since the training is done in a real shaft, the lift’s components are viewed in a one to one scale with their real counterparts and they are assembled in the animations right in front of their eyes. Also, the assembly accuracy can be real high, without many extra mathematical calculations. Finally, the system is a highly innovative idea, which promotes the company’s Research and Development department and can lead it to many viral exhibitions that promote new technologies in the industry.

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